Beachfields School Conference

The School Councils visit to the Beachfields conference

On Wednesday 4th November there was a school conference at the Oasis Academy about the Beachfields community (Beachfields is near the Sheerness sandpit, next to the leisure centre). The school council from year 5 and 6 were chosen for the conference.

The St Clement children went in Miss Crowes car and the All Saints children went with Mrs Hunt. When we got to the Oasis Academy we listened to a man who told us what happened in Sheerness back in the olden days. We were very interested learning about the Beachfields Park.

There were loads of other school there but we were each given one of 5 categories:

1.       The Dockyard worker

2.       The School Child

3.       Charlie Piper

4.       The Airman

5.       The Holiday makers

Eastchurch were given ‘Charlie Piper’ and we chose to write a poem about him (If you were wondering who Charlie Piper is, he was a boy who lived in World War 1). Year 5 wrote a rhyming couplet and the year 6s wrote an acrostic poem.

Every group had until 11:15am (about 1hr 15mins) to complete the task and when you had finished you had to perform it (and we didn’t even need our lines!). Everybody had a great time and enjoyed it a lot, especially when you got to see what the different groups were doing.



Jack Everton                                   Lucie Hancock

Ronnie Caetano                               Tyler Verdenik

Kiera Collins-Kiazim                         Richard Almond

Kyra Griffiths                                   Lucy Nash