Friends Of Eastchurch School


Monday 15th September 2014, 7.45pm

Present: Michelle C, Sarah H, Marion M, Keily L, Donna L, Tara L, Eileen W, Hannah F, Anne D, Ruth S, Nicole B, Sandy H, Paul C.

Apologies: Pauline S, Lucy D, Maria M.

Michelle welcomed everyone to the meeting which started at 7:45pm.

The minutes from the last meeting (23/6/14) were read, agreed and signed by Donna as a true and accurate record.

Matters arising

Anne Dawson explained that she was still looking into the purchase of new Gazebos and would give more details when available. The academy had borrowed two of our existing gazebos which had been broken whilst being used. These had been replaced with two new ones for return to us.

We decided that the purchase of a new BBQ was still a good idea but to only buy one decent unit as Rod Scott had done such a good job of cleaning the existing ones. Eileen had been looking into the issue and kindly offered to continue the search/purchase and it was agreed that a cost of £200 – £300 would be needed obtain a good one.

Sarah Hunt explained that she had asked her father to source and purchase a hotdog warmer but he had been on holiday and would ask him to look into it once home.

Anne Dawson raised the subject of car booster seats again and it was agreed that Sandy would post a request on the Facebook page to ask parents to donate unwanted ones first as this would be a cheaper way of addressing the issue.

Michelle said that Mr. Howell had now finished the model Spitfire at St. Clements and had commenced building the All Saints one with the aid of the children.

Treasurers Report

Michelle reported that the BBQ had raised a fantastic £754.05 and that the bank balance, to date, was £12,535.72

Boot Fair

After a discussion it was agreed to postpone the St. Clements site Boot Fair until next year. With other boot fairs still running and time constraints on organisation we would raise the subject again in the New Year with a possibility of setting one up in March 2015.

Halloween Pig Racing Night

Paul reported that he had booked the Minster Working Men’s club for the 31st October to run a Halloween Pig Racing event. Sandy was asked if she would post some advertising on the Facebook page and catering would be discussed with Sharon. Paul asked if Anne would purchase some bags of sweets to give to all of the children who attend in fancy dress and a larger prize would be organised for the best children’s fancy dress outfit. No need for raffle prizes as Paul will organise a Halloween Build-a-bear + other bits as prizes for a different game.

Father Christmas Presents

Michelle raised the subject of presents to be offered by Father Christmas at the Christmas fair. Ruth had been looking and showed everyone some images of a ‘paint your own garden friend’ gift that some of the pound shops had been selling. Everybody agreed that they were a good, universal idea and we agreed to purchase them now as they were being offered on a three for two deal. We do still have some Thomas and Little Miss books left from last year which could be used.

Request from Mr. Bodiam

Mr. Bodiam submitted a request to the FOES to obtain funding for a special trip for some lucky film club members (see letter attached). It was agreed that as Mr. Bodiam had made such a considered if not grovelling appeal that we would give him the full £65. Clean shoes for the red carpet please??

Dates for the Diary

31/10/14 – Halloween Pig Racing Night – Minster Working Men’s Club

10/11/14 – Next FOES meeting at All Saints.

29/11/14 – Christmas Fair.

18/12/14 – Christmas Dinner, All Saints – 19/12/14 – Christmas Dinner, St. Clements.

Disco Dates

All Saints – 15/12/14 – 2:00-3:00pm Year R – 3:30-4:30 Years 1,2,3. – 16/12/14 – 3:30-5:00pm Years 4,5,6.

St.Clements – 17/12/14 – 2:00-3:00pm Rear R – 3:30-4:30 Years 1,2,3. – 18/12/14 – 3:30-5:00pm Years 4,5,6.

Any Other Business

Keily is to look into the possibility of FOES/Teachers using the village hall car park for the Summer Fair to free up the school for parents and visitors.

Donna said that Year R’s first, part-day at school had raised issues with parents dropping children off and having to return only a couple of hours later. Donna suggested that next time a tea/coffee morning could be organised so that parents could stay and save the journey to and fro. It was suggested to run this in the nest so that parents had the opportunity to meet Mr.Bodiam and others.

Sandy told everyone that she does balloon decorations and that she would be happy to do some décor for school events with no charge for her labour.

Finally a special thanks and congratulations to Marion Moore who, on the day of the meeting exactly, had served the FOES for 25 YEARS.

The meeting was closed at 20:45.